A lot of people assume I have always been in the jewellery business, but in fact I have always been an interior designer before I dipped my toes into the world of jewellery and rock design.
My designs must make the woman, who’s body it is adorning, feel special.

They must compliment her outfit and not overpower it.

They must have the power to add a spark to a conversation.

To achieve the latter I knew the materials needed to be out of the ordinary, for example, saying that your ring features a druzy stone will probably have some people inquiring more about it than if you were to say it was another well known gem.

To check off the first two requirements of my list I experimented with clean geometrical shapes and luxury gold settings.
The little diamonds around the rough edges of the rocks are references to the two sides in every woman: the soft, polished and very feminine side and the natural, charismatic and powerful side.

The subtle contrast of those materials paired with eye-catching shapes will make sure that wearing only one or multiple items from the collection will still add a balanced and understated vibe to your look.