Bassike is a select chain of stores, eight of which are situated in Australia and one in Los Angeles.

They have their own clothing line  but feature a few other specialist brands as well – one of which is Karolin. Their philosophy fits my own design concept perfectly; minimal and discreetly eye-catching, this disguises the top- quality materials and construction, all of which I aim for when designing my jewellery collection. I find my pieces truly compliment the pure lines and organic colors of the clothes, and at the same time add a subtle but strong statement about the wearer’s personality.

Karolin is exclusive to Australia through Bassike stores and Bassike is also to be found online at

BOUTIQUE:                       BASSIKE

      LOCATION:                       AUSTRALIA



Tucked away in the heart of Brugge is a unique gem, the Hotel Van Cleef.

Once a sumptuous Italianate mansion since transformed into a luxurious  ‘home from home’ boutique hotel, its vintage interior displays that ideal combination of old and new styles.

I love it’s position overlooking the canals, the discreet but perfect service, wonderful food and the fact that it truly is an absolute haven of peace.

All of which is why I found that it’s quaint art -deco shop with its choice of beautiful objects offered me an ideal setting to display my jewellery.
A selection of pieces from my collection is to be found here, shown in perfect harmony with the elegance of the surroundings.

LOCATION:                      MOLENMEERS 11 – BRUGGE