Karolin Van Loon


A lot of people assume I have always been in the jewellery business, but in fact I have always been an interior designer before I dipped my toes into the world of jewelery and rock design.

I felt that sharing bits and pieces, now and then, of my other interests and inspirations will allow you to have a clearer view of the philosophy behind my creations.
Form follows function‘, we’ve all heard this age old axiom at some point in our lives but not everyone will have given the meaning behind it a second thought.
Louis Sullivan, an American architect, coined the phrase in one of his articles in 1896 and attributed the foundation of this philosophy to a Roman architect, engineer and author Marcus Vitrivius Pollio. Pollio wrote that a structure must exhibit three qualities: firmitas, utilitas, venustas. Solidness, usefulness, beauty. Sullivan’s assistant, Frank Lloyd Wright, made a slight change to the credo by stating that ‘Form and function are one’.

Wright is known for many things, but one of the most beloved buildings he has designed must be The Guggenheim in New York. This building is the epitome of ‘form and function are one’. The spiral design, much like that of a slug-house on it’s side, quite literally takes visitors on a continuous art journey while they’re making their way to the ground floor.


One of his reasons for designing it in this particular manner was that he was fed up with the traditional museums where visitors found themselves wandering through the exact same rooms when trying to get to the exit.
When I decided to start a jewelery line I knew I wanted to implement the very same principle Sullivan made famous.

My designs must make the woman, who’s body it is adorning, feel special.
They must compliment her outfit and not overpower it.
They must have the power to add a spark to a conversation.

To achieve the latter I knew the materials needed to be out of the ordinary, for example, saying that your ring features a druzy stone will probably have some people inquiring more about it than if you were to say it was another well known gem.

To check off the first two requirements of my list I experimented with clean geometrical shapes and luxury gold settings. The little diamonds around the rough edges of the rocks are references to the two sides in every woman: the soft, polished and very feminine side and the natural, charismatic and powerful side. The subtle contrast of those materials paired with eye-catching shapes will make sure that wearing only one or multiple items from the collection will still add a balanced and understated vibe to your look.